Although treatment is an effective first step, alone it is rarely adequate for long-term abstinence from alcohol and other drugs. Upon successful completion of treatment, many recovering individuals continue on with a period of “structured” addiction after care programs – either in an inpatient/residential or outpatient setting. Although the timeline for rehab or any formal treatment duration will vary, at some point this phase of recovery will approach an END point.

It is at this CRITICAL stage that research supports a breakdown in the system occurs. Once discharged, it is not long before individuals begin to “feel alone” and subsequently at high risk of relapse. The reason being is many of these “structured” treatment programs fail to provide the essential piece to the puzzle… the “SENSE of COMMUNITY” that patients need to THRIVE. This is where diligent transitional aftercare planning becomes important.

At Thrive Veterans Center, LASTING RECOVERY is our priority. Our uniquely designed EMPOWERMENT aftercare program is “ongoing” and accounts for the entire person and all their needs. The “blueprint” for our evidence-based curriculum development is the well renowned book, “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”.  This teaching tool is strategically woven into engaging and highly interactive Life Coaching Sessions with curriculum designer Dr. Cathleen M. Greene.

Our EMPOWERMENT life coaching sessions provide an effective form of strength-based support and help clients to:

  • Maintain the gains they achieved in BR+ NAD treatment
  • Solidify and integrate new coping skills and lifestyle behaviors
  • Explore their wants, needs, and choices, get clarity, create a Change Plan, and move into ACTION
  • Identify and address triggers and vulnerabilities to create the most supportive recovery environment
  • Improve and/or maintain their motivation for recovery
  • Learn to coach themselves, improve their performance, set and achieve goals to help them enhance their quality of life

Our exclusive EMPOWERMENT program is designed to equip each individual with the necessary tools to: build new social networks, improve current relationships, engage in healthy relationships, and become active participants in the community through Outreach Team Projects, etc. Such careful planning, with thoughtful use of people and places, is an essential ingredient for successful collaboration. It takes an entire community of different people interacting with our clients in order for them to experience and grow in a safe environment. Research supports that working collaboratively with system/community partners provides a greater opportunity for successful implementation of true change.

The overall community aspect of our EMPOWERMENT curriculum entails the sense of love, belonging, and hope that comes from strong relationships.

Our Veterans are NEVER alone.