Kevin P. Greene, M.D. | CEO & Co-founder of Thrive Veterans Center

  • Yale University, 1990, B.A. Chemical Engineering 
  • Georgetown University School of Medicine, 1995, M.D.
  • University of Connecticut Internal Medicine Residency Program, Intern of the Year, 1996
  • “Best Doctor of Southington”, 2002

My bio….my degrees. But does it really tell you WHO I am??   If you have found my webpage or bought my book… then you are looking for help. You are searching for an answer to make you feel better, so you can embrace and enjoy your incredible gift of life. You are looking for that doctor that you can trust to truly invest his or her time into your health and well-being. You cannot find that doctor from a stat sheet.  Don’t get me wrong, I worked incredibly hard to earn all of my degrees and I’m very proud of them. But my degrees and achievements don’t tell you who I really am…


“To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.”

–Ralph Waldo Emerson

I was born February 13, 1968 in Waterbury, Connecticut. My parents named me “Michelle” until they found out that their youngest of four children was a boy! My mom is Shirley Greene, who readily gave up her “RN” to be “MOM” to Jack, Nick, Cathleen and me.  She is 100% Italian and grew up on a farm in Oakville, Connecticut, but ended up in the operating rooms and emergency rooms of St. Mary’s Hospital in Waterbury, Connecticut. She was brilliant at her job and was offered a full scholarship to attend medical school. This was an incredible opportunity for a woman in 1954, but she was pregnant with my brother Jack and and knew her true calling was to be our mom.

My dad is Jack Greene, the oldest of five Irish brothers born and raised in the projects of Waterbury, Connecticut. He joined the Marines and then spent the rest of his career at Northeast Utilities, where he never missed one day of work for over 45 years.

I am proud to say I grew up a “mama’s boy”. My mom was my world growing up. I never left her side.  My sister Cathleen spoiled me as much as my mom and continues to this day.  We lived in Wolcott, Connecticut, a small cow town filled with the most amazing people in the world. It was incredible childhood.

As I grew older, my mom would tell me stories of her life as a nurse. She would laugh out loud recalling some of her favorite patients she cared for.  She would tell me about all the doctors that she worked with and described the hospital operating and emergency rooms in full detail to me. She loves being a nurse, and I loved hearing all of her stories. After traditional medicine failed her as a young woman, she decided to take her health into her own hands. She taught herself about insulin and sugar, herbs, supplements, gut inflammation, and the immune system, to name just a few. She amassed an entire library of medical books, all tattered with the pages worn out from her constant reading and referencing.  She was a true Naturopath, Homeopath, Functional Medicine Doctor, Endocrinologist, Psychiatrist….a true multi-specialist, just no degrees to hang on her wall.

She was constantly teaching all of us how to live healthier, more productive lives. This was the environment I was raised in. She taught all of us the importance of education. She “cracked the whip” for us to study, while my dad showed us the importance of a hard day’s work.  There was no need for my dad to teach me good work ethic, he simply lead by example. Working for Northeast Utilities, he would go for days and weeks during snowstorms and hurricanes to restore power. He never complained, just worked. When he was getting his chemotherapy to cure his kidney disease, he was treated in the morning and then went to work with his nausea in the afternoon. He never missed a day at work, but most importantly he never missed a football, baseball, or basketball game of mine either. I truly had the best of both worlds with two incredible role models.

Dr. Greene & his mom, Shirley.

If you are going to entrust me with your health, you need to know who you are hiring for the job. My incredible childhood and family environment created a desire and determination in me at a young age. I not only excelled in the classroom, but on the baseball and football fields as well.  I was driven to succeed in all aspects of my young life.  I never received lower than a “A” throughout elementary, middle school and high school, while being voted MVP my senior year for both football and baseball. From the halls of my beloved Wolcott High School, I was the first and only student to be accepted to Yale University.  I played baseball and graduated with a chemical engineering degree. But thanks to my mom, medicine was always my passion.

“Are you sure Kevin???  Because medicine is the jealous lover!”:  This was my mom’s first reaction and warning when I was accepted to Georgetown University School of Medicine. I was too young to fully realize what she meant, but I now know EXACTLY what she was telling me. You see my best friend since I was 16 years old is Janice. I have FIVE best days of my life:  the first one was the day that I married my high school sweetheart in 1995. The others were when I became a dad to my three beautiful sons: Tyler, Ryan and Kyle. Janice and I would dream about what our kids would look like and how our family life would be.  But what we did not anticipate was the demands of my other love, medicine….as my mom warned me.

Every third or fourth night during my residency training, I worked a 36-hour shift, which was vital to my education to become the physician that I am today. But that also meant every third or fourth night, Janice was home alone. When residency was over, and I finally started a practice on my own, that is when the work hours got even worse. My 36-hour shifts every three days were exchanged for 14-hour shifts EVERY DAY!! But Janice was no longer home alone, she was with our newborn sons. Never once did she complain about the seemingly endless hours alone raising our three boys. She embraced being Tyler, Ryan and Kyle’s mommy. She never saw it as a sacrifice during these earlier years, but a privilege to be their mom. She assured me that she will take care of home and our growing family, while I took care of work. She has never left my side through it all and is my rock.

So, I’m sure your wondering what my fifth best day is so far in my life…it was December 27, 2017.  There was a time in my recent life when I was lost. My personal life’s journey took a detour…filled with doubt, disbelief, and indescribable pain.  My fairy tale marriage ended in the second-floor courtroom in New Britain, CT.  I lost my way and almost lost my family. But it was during my time of solitude and at my lowest point, when I was lifted back up by the unconditional love of Janice, Tyler, Ryan and Kyle. My lonely, dark days were then gradually replaced with self-discovery, faith, forgiveness, and rebirth.  “Life takes us to unexpected places, Love brings us home.”  With our three beautiful sons standing by my side, Janice and I were remarried on December 27, 2017!

With God by our side, we have a much deeper understanding and appreciation of each other. She inspires me every day to be a better man, husband, father and doctor. She is my beacon of light in the stormiest of weather. Listening to the words of Pastor Ron at Faith Living Church across the street from my office, I choose every day to “live in a world of gratitude”….I am forever grateful for Janice. She has taught me the TRUE meaning of sacrifice and unconditional love.


“Knowledge is power!”


The field of medicine changes on a daily, if not hourly, basis. My mom instilled in me my thirst for learning. My quest for knowledge began in First Grade at Lewis School with my favorite teacher Karen Mathews, and it continues today. Being a physician comes with many responsibilities, the most important is remaining a student and constantly educating oneself. It is what my patients deserve. It starts with board-certification in my field of internal medicine and continues with remaining on the cutting-edge of medicine. This requires even more sacrifice of time away from my family and a commitment to excellence in my profession.

I readily accept this responsibility because it is who I am.


“The superior doctor prevents sickness; The mediocre doctor attends to impeding sickness; The inferior doctor treats actual sickness.”  – Chinese Proverb

Health Optimization Medicine…

My approach is to combine the best of all evidence-based medicine to give you a wider range of choices. My health optimization approach embodies elements from traditional, integrative, functional, and age-management medicine and employees them in a preventive, proactive way to meet your specific age-related issues, medical challenges, optimal health needs, and more.

My goal for every patient is not just to prevent diseases, but to achieve OPTIMAL wellness.


“Listen to your patients and you will have the diagnosis 95% of the time.”  —Shirley A. Greene, R.N.


Of all the advice my mom has given me throughout my life, this was the best. It seems like such a simple concept to engage in a conversation with another person and truly listen to what they are saying.  In my opinion, this is not a skill that needs to be lectured on and taught in the classroom. Engaging in a conversation and listening to the patient comes from within. It comes naturally to me because it is vital to forming the doctor-patient bond that is like no other. It is crucial to listen in order to properly do my job.  As my patient, you need to be heard. I will be listening.


“Do what you love, and love what you do….and you will never WORK a day in your life.”


I love my job. It is really that simple. This passion for medicine began at a very young age, as I listened to so many wonderful stories from my mom. Seeing the look of pride on her face and the joy in her smile and laughter as she described her other life as a nurse showed me that it was not just a job for her, but a calling. Surrounded by my mom’s loving guidance, I began my own journey. Becoming a doctor was never a choice for me… It has always been my purpose. It is a privilege and honor to care for the thousands of patients that bless me with their trust.  As previously written, I choose to “live in a world of gratitude”….and I am forever grateful to my beloved patients as well, who allow me to live my dream.

So, let me help you in YOUR journey to an Optimal Life!!  Allow me to join in YOUR fight!!

I look so forward to meeting you..

Dr. Greene

The REAL Bio –

Son/Brother: 1968
M.D.: 1995
Husband: 1995

  • 1997 (Tyler)
  • 2000 (Ryan)
  • 2002 (Kyle)
  • 2007 (Eli, our four-legged “son”)

Coach: McCabe Waters Little League Champions, Bristol, CT 2014
Husband: 2017!!
Student of Medicine: ALWAYS!

See you soon!