The Thrive Veterans Center Weight Loss program is much more than just weight loss. We believe the ultimate results come in keeping the weight off. Our HCG medically supervised program will help you take it off and keep it off so that you can achieve the true results that you want, desire and deserve.  

Our metabolic management diet supports you with the most clinically proven weight loss system. Based on a clinical examination, blood work and your desired results a plan will be prescribed. You will utilize daily dosing of HCG- a naturally occurring hormone that signals a center in your brain to increase fat metabolism of stored fat along with key detox and weight loss aiding supplements and your choice of a natural or medically prescribed appetite suppressant for optimal weight loss results.

Clinical research shows that when these aids are used in combination with a nutritionally dense, low calorie diet, optimal safe weight loss will occur. Together, this clinical protocol will mobilize and burn your body’s stored fat while helping to reset your metabolic rate to aid in long term weight loss results. You can expect to lose both pounds and inches over the course of your program. In addition, balanced nutrition, exercise, sleep and mental attitude are all key components that you will learn about as part of this comprehensive weight loss program.  

This safe and highly effective medically supervised HCG weight loss program gets great results but the true key to your success is you.  The program can’t do the work for you, only you can choose to be the healthiest version of you.  When you combine this program with healthy lifestyle choices you then have the key ingredients necessary to get the weight off and keep it off.  

We are honored to support you on your body transformation adventure!