Janice R. Greene  |  Business Administrator

Janice’s journey to serve began twenty-two years ago as an elementary school teacher. It was incredibly rewarding to be a part of the teaching profession and have an impact on each students’ education and lives. Her calling changed as she was blessed to be called Mom to three incredible sons.

After Janice’s youngest entered school, she reentered the work force. An opportunity arose to be the Business Administrator in a highly successful medical practice. She relished the challenge and saw another immense opportunity to serve others. As Business Administrator, Janice handled the overall operational responsibilities of the organization which included; implementing business procedures, assessing employee performance, mediating staff issues, interviewing and hiring staff, preparing financial data and managing budgets. Her twelve years of extensive business experience is a tremendous asset to Thrive Veterans Center. Janice is incredibly proud to be a part of our THRIVE Team and to continue her passion of service with our heroic veterans!

Robert Paulino |  Director of Media

Robert is a seasoned professional and powerful leader with nine years of strong inside/outside sales experience. In addition, he has twenty years of extensive hands on experience with multi-media, video/ music production, recording engineer, graphic design, event planning, advertising, professional photography, web development and art direction. Robert has extreme passion for the arts and is an extremely dedicated team player and leader. In 2013 he captured and edited William DeBilzan’s four-month NYC project painting the largest hotel in the western hemisphere in Manhattan. Robert’s extensive work history includes accomplishments such as: Art Director for current clients Mami Magazine, William DeBilzan, In Focus Magazine, and Exotic Flights Private Jet Service; Art Designer for leather handbags/swimwear with Debilzan Art, including graphic design for ads, flyers, and layout for the DeBilzan clothing line; and Art Director for Front Porch Video of Soho, NYC (renamed Silicone Philosophies Inc.). In addition, Robert has authored over 150 DVD titles for installation in galleries, museums and sales to private collectors and general distribution worldwide, as well as, encoded hundreds of Hollywood trailers of feature films, for viewing in video rental outlets and in kiosks.  These are just a few of Robert’s numerous career accomplishments to highlight the immense passion/experience he brings to our Thrive Veterans Center team. His love for our Veterans and the opportunity to tell their stories through the lens of his artistry is one of his most heartfelt accomplishments.

Paige Widlak | Director of Communications

Paige is currently a Junior at the University of Connecticut. Her major is in the field of Communications with an anticipated graduation date in Spring of 2020. Paige attended Bristol Eastern High School in Connecticut where she was treasurer of the Leo Club and an outstanding member of the Student Council. On a personal level, addiction has touched her life in many ways. Being a young woman of great strength and courage though, Paige chose not to collapse under the weight of these experiences. Instead, she used each experience as an opportunity to further nurture the innately compassionate lens through which she sees others. This heartfelt lens allows her to see addiction not as a weakness, but as a disease in which our Vets so desperately need help and care. As Director of Communication, Paige incorporates her schooling and passion into her integral role at Thrive. With Dr. Greene’s BR+ NAD breakthrough treatment, Paige and the entire Thrive team hope to drastically reduce the catastrophic effects of this disease.

Elyse Marrone  |  Nutritionist

Elyse Marrone is a registered and licensed dietitian nutritionist, integrative and functionally trained. She is a certified gluten practitioner, with advanced training in digestive health, etabolic syndrome, detoxification, autoimmunity and reversing chronic disease. Elyse completed her undergraduate training at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and completed her clinical internship and graduate training at Umass Medical Center. She has received cutting edge training in functional medicine and nutritional biochemistry through the Institute for Functional Medicine.

In addition to her private practice, Elyse lectures on various nutrition topics to patients and the public throughout the county and is a consultant to healthcare practitioners in the use of nutritional supplements, lifestyle medicine and clinical nutrition protocols. Elyse approaches nutrition from a integrative approach, looking at the entire patient and not just from the point of disease. Her focus is on utilizing a healthy lifestyle, correcting nutrition imbalances, whole foods and proper nutritional supplementation to resolve any related health issues.

Her mission is to help patients live as healthy and happy a life as possible. She can be reached at 561-252-7857 or by e-mail at thenutritioninstitute@gmail.com